01. He has been travelling [overseas] for over a year now, but should be back in England about a week from now.
02. He went [overseas] to teach ESL after finishing his Linguistics degree.
03. After studying [overseas] for a few years, he returned to Egypt, and got a great job.
04. He has transferred a lot of money to bank accounts [overseas] in order to avoid paying taxes in this country.
05. My son is working [overseas] for an international oil company.
06. Most of our main competitors are located [overseas], principally in Southeast Asia.
07. Carlos is working for an international aid organization [overseas], but should be home by the end of the year.
08. After Cortez brought chocolate back from Mexico to King Charles V's royal court in 1528, it became a profitable industry for Spain, which planted cocoa trees in its [overseas] colonies.
09. There are many jobs available for people who want to teach ESL [overseas].
10. After spending about ten years [overseas], I experienced a bit of culture shock coming back to live in England.
11. British Columbia sends raw logs [overseas], where they are turned into fine furniture, and sold back to us.
12. In 1751, Barbados became the destination of the only [overseas] journey President George Washington ever made.
13. In Chile, many minerals are mined as raw materials for [overseas] industries.
14. Croatians living [overseas] are allowed to retain their citizenship, and even have partial voting rights for elections in their homeland.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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